Welcome to 3-on-3 basketball at Sports of All Sorts

1. Each team must have a minimum of three players for the game to be “official.” Players on a team must be on its
roster. Teams cannot have more than six players on a roster. Players can only appear on one roster. If a team uses a
non-registered player, the game will be a forfeit.

2. To begin the game, a coin toss by the referee will determine the right to possession or pass possession. If the game
goes into overtime, the team not receiving possession to start the game will receive the ball to start overtime.

3. The ball will change possession after all made baskets.

4. Jump balls go to the defense.

5. The ball will be “taken back” with both feet beyond the 3-pt arc on every change of possession. It is not a violation
unless a shot is attempted prior to taking the ball back behind the arc. If a shot is attempted prior to taking the ball
back and the player shooting is fouled, the foul does not count and the ball changes possession.

6. After a made basket, foul, dead ball situation or when the ball goes out-of-bounds, the defensive player must check
the ball at the TOP OF THE KEY, behind the 3-pt-arc before it is put into play. The offensive player can dribble or pass
to begin play. The defender must bounce the ball to the offensive player in a way that allows the player to secure the
ball before the defender slaps at it or touches the offensive player. Violations will result in a re-check of the ball. After
one warning, repeated violations of this will result in a one-shot technical foul free throw.

7. Free throws and all baskets inside the 3pt arc are worth one point. Shots behind the arc are two points.

8. Each team is responsible for assigning a person as a score-keeper and time keeper.
     The referee’s score will be considered the official and final score.

9. FOULS: Referees will call fouls.
For shooting fouls, it will be handled in the following manner:
-When the basket is made – count the basket and player receives 1 free throw attempt. If the FT is
missed, the offensive team can score off the rebound. If the defensive team gets the rebound they
must bring the ball back behind the 3-pt arc to begin their possession.
For non-shooting fouls, it will be handled in the following manner:
-Possession is retained by offensive team and ball is checked. Stalling is not
allowed during free throws or checked ball situations.

10. Flagrant, Technical, Intentional, Unsportsmanlike, or Misconduct Fouls will result in the dismissal of the offending


1. Game start times will be strictly enforced and all courts will be timed centrally and simultaneously. Teams will be
allowed a 2-minute grace period once the official game clock starts for three players to show in order to start the game.
After the 2-minute grace period, the game will be forfeited. If you have back-to-back games, move quickly to your next

2. Games will be 20 minutes running time. When the game ends after 20 minutes, the team ahead shall be declared the
winner; if a game ends in a tie, the teams will play a one minute sudden-death overtime with the team scoring first
declared the winner. The team who did not receive possession to start the regulation period will receive possession to
start overtime. If still tied after one minute, teams will choose one player to shoot free throws, in a free throw shoot-off.
(Alternate taking shots until the tie is broken)

3. Failure to advance the ball to attempt a shot or to deliberately “stall” at any time in a game will result in a loss of
possession, all offensive play should be designed to get a shot. A call of stalling is at the discretion of the referee and
does not require a warning.

4. Each team is allowed two 1-minute time-outs. Time outs will not stop the clock from running. Time-outs called
between the 5:00 mark and the 3:00 mark will be shortened to a 30-second time-out. Time outs cannot be called when
there are 3 minutes or less left in the game.


1. Sidelines, baselines and mid-court line are out-of-bounds


1. In all grade levels, a TEAM CAPTAIN is assigned at the start of each game and is expected to represent his/her team
in all conversations with the referee. Only the captain has the right to approach the referee for any reason.
If there is a dispute which needs to be resolved, the referee’s
decision is final. Once play resumes after a disagreement, the problem is considered a dead issue. During any protest,
time on the game clock shall continue to run.

2. ONLY in Grades 3-5 are teams allowed one parent coach on the team sideline/”bench” to assist with substitutions and
help team members with game strategy. But again, only a designated TEAM CAPTAIN can approach a referee with a
question, or call a timeout.
A TEAM CAPTAIN is always the spokesperson for the team, not a coach, parent, spectator or one of the other players. 

3. Games will be officiated by high school basketball referees. The referees are responsible for communicating game
rules, administering the coin toss, settling disputes, and recording final scores of each game. If any player is
disrespectful to our officials, they may be suspended for the game, the night, or the league. If a parent is disrespectful
to our officials, that parent will be asked to leave the facility for the night or the league.

1. A player must leave the game if they incur an abrasion with flowing blood. Once the flow has stopped and there is
no chance of blood contacting other players, the player with the abrasion may reenter the game.

2. Players that are injured should be tended to immediately and if needed, taken off the court to be tended to. Injuries
do not stop the clock. If an injury consumes a significant amount of game time, the court monitor has the discretion to
add up to but not to exceed 3 minutes to the end of the game to make up for that time.

3. Basketball Sizes Used:
Girls/Boys grades 3rd/4th will use 28.5”
Girls grades 5th-9th will use 28.5”
Boys grades 5th will use 28.5”
Boys grades 6th – 12th will use 29.5”