In 2016, Freddy Whelan published a study stating that NBA teams dribble the basketball 40 times per minute. In a 6th grade basketball there are approximately 80 dribbles per minute and the best players are the ones that can dribble the best. Maximizing a players potential at a young age will grow their confidence and enable them to be their best self.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this program is to “jump start” an athlete’s ability to confidently handle the basketball with both hands. This program will challenge their body physically and expose their ball handling weak points. Over time, the program will strengthen each athlete’s FUNDAMENTAL skill level by progressively eliminating weak areas. These fundamental skills will be building blocks for future growth.

Each athlete will execute approximately 1250~2000 dribble reps each class,  which will equate to 20,000~32,000 over the 16 class program.  

FORMAT: Individual high repetition. (Standing and waiting in a line will NOT occur. This will be one complete hour of work)

Boys and Girls

16~20 Kids Max

WHEN: Monday and Thursday 6:30-7:30 pm @ Sports Of All Sorts (December 2nd ~ January 30th) (16 total classes) **No Class on 12-23-19 & 12-26-19**

COST: $160 ($10/class)

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QUESTIONS: Feel Free to call or text.

Coach Guy Godwin (Facebook and Twitter) 859-308-8695